Shahi Bhoj

shahi bhoj restaurant

Franchise Model

A Space of 2500 sqft carpet is required to set up restaurant completely
Ideal Location any stand alone building in high street or Prime Market
Knowledge of Restaurant or Food Industry is not necessary just an personal involvement.

shahi bhoj
shahi bhoj

Franchise Support

shahi bhoj
  • Site Finder and Finalizing Assistance.
  • In Depth Training and Guidance.
  • Mistry Audit and Survey.
  • Marketing Tool kit and Guidance
  • Architechtural Support
  • Provisiong Team and Standards of Operations.
  • Consulting and Coaching.
  • Supply Chain Guidance.

Our Franchise Steps

shahi bhoj
  • Understand the concept and clear all the doubts regarding franchise model also meet the team.
  • Sign the Legal Franchise Agreement.
  • Receive the site layout and plan.
  • Sign the LOI and freeze the location rights of your city.
  • Search the possible sites or locations and call us for the site inspection and finalization.
  • Restaurant Interior starts along with hiring, training and pre opening preparations.
  • Grand Opening of your restaurant in 60 to 75 days from the previous step.

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shahi bhoj

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